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Greetings all, and welcome to the Robert Newcomb fan page. The high fantasy genre attracts a lot of attention on the internet. Thousands of fans have labored to set up web pages dedicated to their favorite books, authors, and series. Until now, however, no one has taken the time to establish a site for Robert Newcomb.

I can't imagine why, since what's he's accomplished is no minor feat. Thousands of bad fantasy novels have been written. Some are so agonizingly awful that they've caused readers to recoil in horror, experience physical pain, and/or repeal their long-held opposition to book burning. But when Newcomb's debut effort The Fifth Sorceress was published in 2002, virtually every critic and audience member who read it immediately declared it to be worst novel ever written. The achievement of such a title does not come easily. It requires a peculiar mix of bad ideas, a unique absense of inspiration, and an utter lack of writing skills. Thus, in tribute to this unequaled attainment, I present this web site.

One brief disclaimer: I set up this web site so that I could present my opinions about a book. My opinions may not be exactly identical to the opinions of every carbon-based life form in the universe, and this page was not intended to insult or attack any person.

A few thoughts about fantasy and an explanation of why I made this site

A review of The Fifth Sorceress

The top ten list

A cliché or two


Other stuff:

Crackpot theories for aSoIaF

How will Robert Jordan die?




Hate the site? Love the site? Believe that the site will be responsible for the collapse of western civilization? Feel free to send me a message. I will try to respond to everybody who has something interesting to say. However, contrary to popular belief, I do not actually have an infinite supply of spare time, so I can't make an guarantees.

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